Sunday, December 22, 2013


Well, they're sorry!

We've been sorry too.  I suppose others have before us, but then again, I'm sure some offered no apology at all.

What's the point?  What does confession, concession and things of that sort provide when the real crime continues?

Eh, perhaps I should start filling in gaps.  Let's start here:

The apologies offered after various weapons are deployed to young men and women by older men and women are really quite late in their delivery.  In fact, I believe any group of people waging any form of war against another group of people could simply stop doing that and never have to apologize in the first place.  I realize this seems like a daunting proposal, but how about we all just stop making war?

Not reasonable!  Yup, believe it or not, I saw that coming.  At first glance it doesn't seem possible.  After all, we've known all sorts of war ever since cells retreated behind membranes.  So, what's different now?  Well, it's the Internet stupid.

In the past, the people of this tumbling ball of green and blue were separated by such length, both literally and figuratively, that they'd surely never meet, nor exchange ideas, nor live peacefully with one another.  Now, those distances, just like when horses were taken to the trail, trains to the rail, and so on, have been vastly reduced and we've met.  And guess what?  Most people share the desire not to be blown the fuck up!

Peace, no, like seriously, peace!

This is faux life and I eat planets.